These articles are published in the Slough Town FC programme. The Rebels play in the National League South in a swanky new ground. I’ve been supporting Slough since the beginning of time despite now living in Brighton.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Printed in the FA Cup 2nd Qualifying round match v Concord Rangers.
Saturday 26th September 2009. We won 2-0 – we haven’t lost now for
nine games – in front of 279 people.

I couldn’t make the trip to Tring for our FA Cup Preliminary round
game (no one who supports a league club believes the FA Cup has
already started). I had been to Tring’s ground a long time ago for an
FA Cup replay with Aylesbury. We won in extra time in a blizzard and
got to play Orient in the 1st Round. My mum also took a load of my
mates to Tring museum – all that sticks in my mind was the flea
display. The fact that someone had painstakingly dressed up fleas in
clothes seemed to suggest that there wasn’t an awful lot to do in
Apart from another pleasing performance I heard high praise for their
50p cups of tea that also came in proper mugs. Watching Sussex clubs
with crowds that are often only in double figures I have also sampled
the proper mug of tea (yes, I do sometimes drink tea at games!). And I
think at our level it’s something a lot more clubs should do. Most of
the food served up at grounds is not really fit for humans, and I hate
the fact that when it has been devoured, the cups and plates are
tossed in a bin.
Before a certain creepy clown rode into town, I remember eating out at
Wimpey (and who can forget the Golden Egg!) with proper plates and
cups. OK, some poor sod had a lot of washing up to do, but at least
now we have dish washers. However, it wasn’t long before all burger
chains had throwaway plates, cups and forks etc – is this really
necessary? We produce far too much waste that ends up in landfills no
one wants or burnt in incinerators that no one wants.
So, I hereby announce the launch of the Campaign for Real Mugs.
But let’s not stop there.
While Slough fans were enjoying a proper cuppa at Tring, I was at the
Shambala festival, a brilliant event that is also trying to minimize
its impact on the environment. For example, instead of a throwaway
plastic cup with every pint, each one of these was made out of corn
and so compostable. A good idea, but still a lot of waste. Much better
was the action taken at the Inland Waterways National Festival and
Boat Show in Leicester, which did its best to stop the event being
littered with rubbish. It charged a deposit on your plastic pint glass
every time you had a beer – so encouraging everyone to get their old
beer cups refilled.
If we do get a new ground how about encouraging people to bring their
own tankards to fill up. A Slough Town tankard no doubt sold by that
ever resourceful club shop manager.
Next step: What about giant composters at the new ground for all the
food waste. This compost would feed the vegetable patch that grows
some of the salad and veg that is served up in the meals before the
games. If the food is decent and cheap, people will get to the game
early to stuff their faces – which can only be good for drink sales.
And once you’ve eaten and drunk at the clubhouse, what shall we do
with all the human waste.
Well, what about the clubs very own compost toilet?!!


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