These articles are published in the Slough Town FC programme. The Rebels play in the National League South in a swanky new ground. I’ve been supporting Slough since the beginning of time despite now living in Brighton.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Printed in the Southern League Central Division One game programme v Aylesbury on Saturday 16th March 2013. We won 4-3 in front of 267 people.

There can’t be many physios that have their own football chants. But then there can’t be many physio’s like Super Kev McGoldrick.  Kev has been with Slough Town for 27 years and has seen it all from Conference football to Slough staring down the barrel of the dog and duck league to losing our ground and nearly going bust. He is a constant for the club, an approachable, top bloke always with a smile on his face ready to help people out. I felt it was about time he got some of the limelight he deserves.

Why did you become a football physio?
At 24 I had suffered a few injuries as a local footballer and I was receiving treatment with Owen Harris at Wimbledon and he encouraged me to get involved in the treatment of injuries and I became a sports therapist. After attending courses at Spurs and Lilleshall I was approached to join Hillingdon Borough to look after their 2nd X1

Who do you support?  
I only support Slough Town

How long have you been associated with Slough Town and who introduced you to the club?
My first game was against Orient at home in the FA cup replay in 1985.
I was at Hillingdon Boro Youth with Alan Davies (who became Slough manager) and a young Fred Cummings and Alan recommended me to then manager Howard Kennedy.

From your perspective, who is the best Slough player you have seen
As I’m on my third decade with the club I have picked from each.
Keith White was a marvelous footballer
Les Briley such an important player for that time
Wilko and Daly 
What they all had in common was great integrity

What's your most memorable match, good or bad?
Best matches Reading at home FA Cup (Slough were 3-1 down in injury time and managed to draw 3-3). Stevenage away in the Trophy. Walsall at Windsor in the FA Cup
The worst - hanging on to a 9-0 defeat at Wimbledon - the shame!

What single thing would make your job easier?
A football ground in slough
A club doctor
All players to have private medical insurance

Who has been the best manager you have worked with and are there any that have made you not be part of the team?
Managers I’ve had the honour of serving under are Alan Davies, David Kemp, Brian McDermott, Eddie Denton, Steve Bateman, Wilko. No manager made me not want to be at the club

Are former players, especially those that come back as managers surprised your still here?
Some people may be surprised, but I am surprised that other clubs do not have longevity in their ranks

Have players attitudes changed much towards fitness and health?
Players are much more aware of preparation and conditioning

Do you ever feel threatened by the host of attractive young female physios most clubs in our division seem to employ?
I might feel threatened if I was not maturely gorgeous with blue eyes.

Did you add a Mecano set to your physio bag to keep on repairing Wilko's legs?
Wilko had his fair share of injuries but had total commitment on and off the pitch

Are you optimistic about Slough Towns Future?
I remain optimistic because of the people associated with the club and the ambitions they have to carry this club forward, but we do need to recruit some younger blood.
I can foresee the day when Warren is chairman!

What do you do outside football?
I have a wife Sue who hates football so I don’t have to have a conversation when I get home! and two daughters Aimee and Laura.

Do you think you will ever hang up your physio bag?
I have never thought of quitting. I may be replaced one day for a newer model but that's fine. I have been proud and privileged to serve this great club. I have loved every minute and have made many lifelong friends.


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